Friday 8 November 2019

AEDM Day 8: What I learnt today about photographing art

This Art Every Day Month entry is very much a "quickie," again using mixed media paper, a pen, gel glitter pens, watercolour and a Posca pen for the highlights.

It's actually about 2" by 1" (a similar size to the one a few days ago). But this time,I've learnt something which you probably know already of you photograph your own art a lot.

But to me, as a 95% + digital artist and designer, just this one idea was a revelation.

Basically, a macro setting on the camera is not enough. I couldn't believe the difference when I (accidentally!)  got really, really close to the paper before taking a shot.

Obviously, I still have tons to learn about physical art generally, never mind the photoing of it.

But for this attempt, I'm happy. You can see the glitter waaay better than last time, and I've learnt something important. And that's enough for one day.