Friday 29 November 2019

AEDM 29: "Crochet" Effect Mandala Pattern

It's Day 29 of Art Every Day Month, and today's design came about by accident.

Following a recommendation, I went to try out SumoPaint, an image editor that (at time of writing) seems to be free-to-use online. (And please note, I'm not being paid at all for saying anything about SumoPaint, I'm just a curious new user of it).

It looks fantastic, and would appear to have lots of tools included that are similar to Photoshop and other more expensive apps.

I ended up playing only with the symmetry painting tool in various sizes. And after some playing around (there's really no other phrase for it, it was great fun :-)) out popped these mandalas.

They've got something of the appearance of wool, so have likened them to crochet in naming them. But you might see something entirely different in them.

As a sidenote, for speed and familiarity, I created this quick actual pattern using the mandala motifs in Patternshop (an excellent free pattern-making program that I think have mentioned before).

But in fairness to SumoPaint, there may be a way to arrange motifs there that I simply haven't found yet. They do mention "Pattern fill" which, along with *lots* other features in the app, I have yet to explore.

All-in-all, SumoPaint looks like an interesting app to watch.

More tomorrow.