Thursday 31 January 2019

A New Pattern, Program & Project...

Hello again. In the about-to-snow cold of the end of January, please enjoy my "Boho Paradise", tropical print. Inspired by, and entered into the upcoming Spoonflower competition on a similar theme, have posted it here primarily in the hope that it warms you as much as it did me.

As you'll know if you've been here before, there's little I like better than nosing around in graphics programs. Recently, its been Krita. I designed the  entire pattern you see above  from start to finish in Krita, can't praise this free, open-source and fully -featured program highly enough.  I've put in *hundreds* of hours playing and experimenting with it now, and love the way that every time I use it, something always seems to emerge, finished, by the end.

Lots of things are happening right now. Some may lead somewhere, others may not.

In any event, more soon!