Saturday 4 April 2015

New Digital Painting: A Cute Rabbit for Spring

Right-click and save this bunny if you'd like to send him as an ecard
At last, a new digital painting. I've had to throw off a cold, and as soon as I did, this cute bunny appeared (based on one I saw and photoed in Epping Forest, with The Computer Man last year).

Once again, I've done this rabbit in digital oil pastels, stroke by stroke, with a tablet and pen.

But this time, I changed the background paper colour first and then erased around it. Please do shout if you'd like a video of this process. (I've just bought a new program for explaining and videoing what's going on my screen and am *really* keen to test drive it ;-)

If you're looking for an Easter e-card, do right click and save him, sending him (or her, it might be a her!) wherever you want.

But this rabbit is for any time of year, and also features on a card and other goodies here.

And in any event, happy spring, Easter or whatever else is happening in your part of the world as you read this.