Saturday 28 February 2015

Happy Birthday Labrador (& Yes, He's a Free E-Card Too...)

It's been forever since I posted, so by way of apology, here's a frisky little golden labrador puppy to send as a free ecard to any dog lover with a birthday coming up soon...

 Just right click and "save as" the image to your device, then attach or embed him within any message to send him to anyone who loves animals. (Or anyone with a birthday, really).

Of course, if you'd prefer to send  him on a nice solid birthday card, in high resolution (with an envelope and no watermark), he's also available here.

I'm off to put the finishing touches to another Spring-based design now, working on the basis that if I focus on Spring long enough, it might actually turn up and stick around...;-)

In the meantime, enjoy!