Thursday 7 March 2024

You Might Enjoy This Course Too...

Image shows a digital watercolour of a bright pink tulip in full bloom, with watercolour spashes around the edge and a sage-green background.
Tulip Bloom, Digital Watercolour

Hello there

I wasn't going to post this week, as am spending a ton of time on a course.

But then it turned out that the course is sooooo great, am feeling the need to recommend it to you, as well. 

 There aren't any affiliate links in this post or anything, am just enthusiastic about it, and want to spread the word. This is partly to let anyone who knows me in on a fantastic, uplifting resource, and partly as my "thank you" to the team for their amazing free course.

What's it all about?

Art2Life is a five-day...I almost don't want to call it just a course, but an online experience like no other...

Which yes, is about the fundamentals that make art stronger. Stuff you've probably heard before...But never, I promise, like this...

I'll admit that this in itself was the reason I signed up. Having taught myself a lot from watching videos by all the talented people on YouTube (and their books, courses, and other encouragements). I have, nonetheless,  always felt a bit lacking in structure.

And you do get that with Art2Life. But it's all presented in the most wonderful series of videos that helps each student to bring themselves back to life at the same time. Like an NLP or personal development course, but with a solid arty purpose as well. Plus it's fun. Masses of fun. And friendly.

And, yes, free. Of course there are paid, and more specialised courses if you want them. But there's no special pressure to join them, or so it seems so far...(I only encountered this myself a few days ago, and have already learnt so much that I'll be wanting time to assimilate it before even considering anything more).

The benefits so far

The two new digital watercolours in this week's post weren't even meant to be paintings, and sprang just from exercises on the course so afar (ie, before I've even finished all the videos).

 It's not really for me to say whether they're better than anything I've done recently/ever. But they sure felt easier and more fun to create :-).

Image shows a digital watercolour painting of a splashy cove on a summer day, with crystal waters, waves, sand, and grey/green cliffs, against puffy cllouds.
At the Cove (Digital Watercolour)

The only "catch"...

The only catch, as far as I can see right now, is that the free course will be taken down (I believe on 13th March 2024) until next year.

So, if you're curious (and honestly, am feeling that anyone who enjoys taking photographs, or indeed, just looking at art, might also enjoy it).

If you're reading this after that date, as I type, the Art2 Life YouTube channel looks like a mine of informative fun, as well.

If anything else occurs to me that you might need to know, I'll update this page accordingly.

Otherwise, thanks as ever for reading down this far.

More soon.