Friday 22 April 2022

Digi-Watercolour Art Journaling "Let Little Things Spark Joy"

Hand drawn digital watercolour jasmine and the words Let Little Things Spark Joy in hand-lettering next to it.
You are welcome to share this, "as is," including the watermark.

Hello there. Hope you're doing OK in the still-strange times in which we seem to be living.

I've always been focused on "happy art," and to that end, have been darting about enjoying spring this week, and doing my best to record happy thoughts (like the one above) in a digi watercolour art journaling style.

Focusing on the budding flowers, bees, spring sunshine and a thousand other details has been a good plan this week. So that was the thought I recorded here, and hope helps someone else too.

This is a hand-drawn (stroke by stroke) digital watercolour of little white jasmine flowers, in Krita 5, with digi hand-lettering, also in Krita.

Let the little things spark joy, white Jasmine pin
Let Little Things Spark Joy Pin/Badge

If you fancy this in your life, it's available on prints and postcards too, in my Redbubble shop. But for now, I'll leave you with it (and its "Happy Birthday," printable cousin in my Craftsuprint shop

and wish you a happy weekend.