Thursday 5 August 2021

New Cartoon Card (And I Got to Draw a Giraffe Again...)

Hello there

Hope you're well, and in the mood for some fun.

Have realised it's been ages since I posted a cartoon. So here's one  that's also now a card.

Funny Wildlife Birthday Cartoon Greeting Card
(Click through to enlarge the picture if need be).
Funny Wildlife Birthday Cartoon Greeting Card
by CartoonsbyClare

(with many thanks to the person who received it first for your positive feed back-not called Jan, obviously-that feedback is the reason I posted this for sale).

Looking back, it also seems that I have a bit of a track-record in enjoying drawing giraffes. I have another giraffe cartoon here, and an illustration from even further back, here.

(Yes, without wishing to ignore the lion on this card,  I do love drawing giraffes...It's something about their eyelashes, I think...)


Also, in my world this week...

Also, in truth, am knee-deep in doing all sorts of Christmas and seasonal designs that I just don't have the heart to share with you in the midst of what (in the Northern hemisphere, anyway) is prime summer holiday time. It feels like it wouldn't be fair.

However, hope this cartoon makes you smile. And if you have a friend who likes wildlife, remember you can customise the text on this card to say whatever you want.

In any event, hope this is fun. More soon.