Wednesday 16 December 2020

Day 91: Alternative Christmas Colourways

 Hope you're well. If you're reading this in "real time", we've come to the point when Christmas normally takes over and reading blogs isn't uppermost in most people's minds.

So, if you're actually here, thanks so much...

Watercolour drawing of a parcel in pink and gold

And whenever your reading this, this time of year (when it's too late to offer anything for this Christmas, but everything feels soooo Christmassy) gives me a fabulous freedom to experiment. With things that might work for next Christmas. With tutorials I've wanted to try out at other times of year...And with new ideas that might (or might not) take firmer root next year.

Watercolour drawing of bells in pink and gold.

So, in that spirit of exploration, here in this post are three Christmassy drawing in pink and gold watercolour and pen...This is a a colour pairing I love, and would so love to use more at Christmas, but which isn't often seen as "commercial"...

Christmas watercolour bauble drawing in pink and gold

More tomorrow, anyway...