Thursday 3 December 2020

Day 78/100: A Christmas Cactus Watercolour Sketch


So today's offering is just a quick sketch in a corner of my  sketchbook. But it felt *so good* just to do something for the fun of it, which this Christmas cactus bloom absolutely is.

My mum had a Christmas cactus when I was small, and we both loved it for the way it was so defiantly exotic in the midst of winter, daring to be pink and green, when everything else was standard Christmas red-and-green at best.

And I liked it because, as a small child, the blossoms on the end of each stem reminded me of  twirling ballerinas. (Actually, even 40 years later, they still do...)

So that's the story behind this sketch (in ink and watercolours). May well be posting more that's just fun and (hopefully) nice to look at rather than overtly Christmassy, over the next few days.

More tomorrow.