Thursday 10 December 2020

A Rainbow Watercolour Robin... (Day 85/100)


A rainbow watercolour Christmas robin, in traditional pen and wash.
Oh life is so definitely, as the saying goes, "what happens when you're making other plans..."

Today's was going to be a *massive* post, all about how it's 10 years to the day since I first attempted to draw anything. (With a mouse,  because I didn't have a fancy graphics pen. Feeling like an idiot, and completely mystified about why I was trying this thing I ,"couldn't do". And it really was a "first-time" feeling...Prior to that, I'd decided, pretty firmly, that I "couldn't draw," when I was about three).

So, telling that story in detail was the plan. Then the internet went down. Now, this wasn't as bad as it seems...Am lucky on so many levels to be with The Computer Man.

But  our internet was down for just long enough that all there's time for is.... 1) Huge gratitude to my past self that I took that leap, and to you all for sticking with me...

And 2) sketching this little rainbow Christmas robin, in traditional watercolour and pen, but a "rainbow style, " that's as new to me in that medium as was trying to do art at all, a decade ago.

So I'm looking backwards and forwards today. Which turns out to be the perfect way to celebrate, after all...

More tomorrow.

PS. Have just added this design to my Redbubble shop. Depending on where you live, you may need to act very fast if you want this design to be part of your Christmas this year. (Obviously, this won't apply if you're reading this at a later date...;-)