Wednesday 21 October 2020

Day 35: How to Turn Around a WaterColour/Watercolor Disaster...

 So, for Day 35 of my (increasingly crazy-feeling) hundred days, there's this watermelon pattern.

But it wasn't always that way. And as I promised you honesty about how these drawings come about (and generally!) then you deserve the full story.

It started promisingly, with the "TheyDrawandCook" (a drool-worthy site, by the way) Inktober day 21 prompt of "fruit bowl" and my delicious morning fruit, the relevant portion of which looked something like this...

But which I, for reasons known and unknown (including not yet enjoying drawing porcelain) managed to turn into this disaster... 

What to do? Time was a-ticking, Day 35 was advancing *and* there were other things to do too.

Looking at it, I decided I did like the spoon, one of the blueberries, and the watermelon. 

Sadly, the spoon was fairly unextractable. But not the watermelon and the blueberries.

So they ladies and gentlemen, were the elements I extracted in Photoshop, and made into a pattern with trusty old Patternshop.

So, there are probably two takeaways here (No, not the fruit. I ate that, and it was yummy :-).

None of us should assume that the polished perfection you normally see on social media didn't have a weird, messy and very human beginning.

And secondly, if you produce something you're not happy with it, look at it again a few minutes or hours later. Then focus on anything you*do* like about it, and just have fun making something new out of that.

Because after all, isn't "fun" part of the reason why any of us every create anything anyway?

More tomorrow.