Sunday 11 October 2020

Cute Macaroons in Repeat (Day 25 is a Pattern)

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend, if you're reading this when it's posted.

Remember those macaroons from the other day? Well as day 25 was a sunny day in October (I live in London, remember :-)), going out to walk and take photos of beautiful autumnal things took precedence today.

But, the challenge goes on, so... to create a new design today, I added macaroons in extra colours and put them into a repeating pattern.

That looks great on this appropriately baking-related apron...

Macaroon-patterned apron

And on mugs...

Macaroon-patterned mug

and also completely outside the realm of food and drink, on this scarf...

Macaroon-patterned scarf

and on lots of other items too, available in my Redbubble shop.

More tomorrow!