Tuesday 22 September 2020

Sketch a Day 6: Cute Aliens (and the Story Behind Them)

Is there anybody there? 

Well, maybe. Apparently a team of scientists in Cardiff have discovered that a certain gas (I think phosphine, since you ask) has been discovered on Venus. The point apparently is that phosphine is incredibly difficult to produce without something living having been involved at some stage. On Earth, anyway.

Which got me thinking about so-called alien life forms, how we tend to assume that they have to look humanoid. And how very Earth-like, and to be honest, "un-cute" most of the current representations of aliens tend to be.

Which got me thinking again. What if there were life on planets that are gas giants? Would they be gaseous beings too? Or maybe just orbs of light. Or beings that look like plants and function like animals, and function like animals?

So that was where I started with the (work in progress) sketches above. And then quickly discovered that it's a "massive" challenge (for me, anyway) to think of beings outside the framework of our own natural history on Earth.

But it was easy enough to begin to make these beings look cute, at least. So, watch this space for where this goes.

More tomorrow.