Thursday 6 August 2020

Lavender Patterns and Cheeky Faces...

Hello again-hope you're thriving, and surviving the heat, if you're reading this close to when am actually writing.

First news here is a first for me. I'm dipping a toe into the world of sticker bundles. So, if you're a fan of them (whether for use in your art and craft projects, to pop in cards as small gifts, or for any other reason) a new 12-piece sticker bundle is now available on Redbubble.

(They're based on my original watercolour drawing, and available as stickers or magnets here).

But the lavender (one of my all-time favourite flowers...if I must pick a favourite) wasn't done with me yet. Before summer begins to turn to autumn, it wanted to play digitally, too.

Which led to a pattern. Which somehow, seems to include cheeky fairy faces, peeping out from among the lavender flowers, too. So it's now in the shop too, on items from mugs to shower curtains, and including Redbubble's newest offering: aprons.

It's hot and late (a strange combination, but true). So I'll wish you a happy weekend, and leave the tale of my adventures with a new watercolour set for another time.

Thanks for dropping by, take care, and more soon.