Saturday 4 April 2020

Art Journaling...& Should I Even Try It In A Crisis?

There was a conundrum you see. The situation does seem a bit sticky round these parts at present. (Not to mention the myriad of unusual practical issues that are facing millions of us right now).

But on the other hand,  the sun is shining today. My partner and I are also lucky enough to have all we need at this moment. And we're told that the best thing we can do to help others is to stay indoors.

So, daring to do some art journaling, did feel somehow, right. And, though in normal times, I'd probably "tsk" at this result and not post it, by doing it at all, I suddenly felt 100 times more positive.

Therefore, if you're in a similar position, I dare you to go ahead and make some art. Affirm that life *does* and will continue...And share every shred of joy you can find.

Pen and wash with wax and water-soluble crayons & Posca Pen on mixed-media paper

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