Thursday 19 March 2020

New Digital Painting: Agapanthus

Hello again

Hope this post finds you well and thriving, despite the extreme weirdness in the world.
 I can only offer you a pretty distraction...But if that's what you need right now, read on.

This design is "Agapanthus." Which, believe it or not, took me *7* attempts to figure out as a digital acrylics painting in Rebelle (with the various extras added to make it into the card the client had requested put in in CraftArtist). But yes, it's also been a fabulous distraction for me, this week.

And if you fancy a bit more distraction in the form of  making this yourself, you can now also find it on a sheet here.

Hope this helps, and take good care of yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

More soon.