Thursday 28 March 2019

Two New Digital Paintings, And A Confession...

 So, the first thing I need to do, is show you these two digital watercolours...The first is a "Magnolia", based on the beautiful pink magnolia this spring in Waterlow Park, Highgate.

The second, "Wisteria", (below) is something I've been trying to draw and paint for several years...but this the first time have even come close enough to want to show anyone. Wisteria, it turns out is a complex plant, spiralling round in ever decreasing threefold patterns...

And the confession? Well, that's just that all the plans I'd been wanting to unveil for you by this point, have one-by-one, and for various reasons (mostly) outside my control, evaporated.

In the meantime, if you're liking what you see on this page, please do feel free to share them on social media.

And if love them and want more, they're also available as giftable goodies here and here, and as printables for craft projects here and here.

More soon. (Just got to pop out in the spring sunshine and revel in some more inspiring flowers first!).