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Sunday, 26 April 2015

New Digital Painting: A Face, A Breakthrough, & A Recommendation...

So, it's like this. I've been doing digital paintings of flowers and nature for ages now. And I love doing that. But deep down inside, there was a nagging belief in me that said, "You can't really draw, because you're useless at faces..."

Today, that belief received a thwack. Whatever the merits of this picture, it represents huge progress for me, just in challenging that belief, if nothing else. And I did it quickly, with the help of two tuorials that take only 25 minutes to watch *between them*.

The tutorials are by Dina Wakley for the Artists Network, on You Tube, and you can find them here and here.

They're in acrylics in the tutorial, but seem pretty adaptable (the pic above is in digital watercolours in ArtRage4). Have fun, because those tutorials are awesome, and truly easy, even if you've always believed that you're "can't draw faces"...