Friday 11 July 2014

Meet "Harvest Mouse"

 Yes, it's another day, and another digital painting with the fabulous Artrage 4 software.

This time though, I used both the "digital pastel" and "digital watercolour" settings at different points, as this little cutie came to life.

He's based on the weenie little harvest mice who you might just be lucky enough to spot in a cornfield at this time of year. I've never seen one in the wild, but when we saw (and photographed) a tiny little one at a New Forest wildlife centre, I couldn't believe how small they were.

Seriously, if anything, this little guy is about 4 x life-size. (It stands to reason really, given that they can balance on corn and barley stalks).

Anyway, be all that as it may, I have a question for you. Which of these versions of "Harvest Mouse" do you prefer?As he is, or...drum roll please...against a blue sky?

The Computer Man has a preference for one, and me, the other. So, I thought I'd let you decide...(Please leave a comment below, saying whether you prefer "with sky," or "without"...Many thanks!)

Have a lovely weekend-and remember to look for harvest mice if you're lucky enough to be near some summer crops.

PS. Update 16/7/2014: It turns out that *both* with and without the background have an important function in the right context. "Without" works on this bumper sticker (as a short person, I couldn't resist it...)

But the sky suits somethign like this keyring (keychain if you're from the US :-)

You live and learn...