Thursday 16 January 2014

The Mystery of the Morphing Snowdrops...

It's a mystery. Or rather, partly a mystery.

There I was, craving signs of spring. And in the absence of same, I put pen to tablet and created these snowdrops on the left.

So far, so well-behaved.

But I follow my instincts. So I went with it when the snowdrops morphed into this...

And somehow, I still went with it as it inspired me through re-building and re-launching the Selfworks.Net site...

It doesn't mean I'm going back to the way I was before BoundingSquirrel. Or that this blog will stop. (I need a place to share pictures!).

But it's interesting (and mysterious) just how far one teeny-tiny inspiration can take you.

Digital painting has taught me to be in the moment, and to "go with it". And that is a habit I'll not be morphing out of in a hurry.