Friday 30 March 2012

Saved by Cupcakes, Creativity, and a Challenge

OK, I know. It's been a looong time since the last post. But now an uninspiring winter is past, I'm clear that this space is for fun, play and creative connections...and the magic of cupcakes, creativity and someone else's great idea has me back on track.

First, the creativity. The Computer Man  repeatedly tells me that I am creative. I look at everyone else's stunning creativity online, and am immediately terrified to show anyone anything, lest they start laughing (in the wrong way). Nonetheless, he keeps telling me this. So, my recent efforts include:

1) Attempting to turn back time for a statue:

Or, put very much less grandly, using digital overpainting to re-create this girl....from the face of the statue in the background at Waterlow Park here in London:


2) Gaining inspiration from a cupcake without actually having to eat it (a first in itself).

There was a request for an illustration of a cupcake over at FotoKoi. I screwed up my courage. After all, my stomach has expert knowledge of cupcakes. Surely my eyes had taken in enough of them over the years to be able to re-create one too?

So I did this digital painting of a cupcake (well, like this, but without the background, for web use) in response to the request:

Update: this picture is now available at Cafepress as part of the "Keep Calm and Carry Cupcakes" design.

After this gentle bout of "putting-it-out-there", the question is how to keep up the momentum. Enter at stage right, the Creative Every Day challenge.

I'm already late for this, as this year's challenge started, like 2012 itself, in January. But it seems a fun way to keep creating all kinds of things. Luckily, the time you join doesn't seem so crucial as approaching it as a source of fun, friendship, inspiration and camaraderie.

But don't worry. Even if I actually manage to create something every day, I won't inflict every result upon you. Unless they happen to involve cupcakes.

And if you have any thoughts about creativity, the "Creative Every Day" challenge, or cupcakes, please do leave a comment. Many thanks!

Image courtesy of Creative Every Day.Com