Wednesday 12 October 2011

Indian Summer

An Indian summer kept me away from the blog. (And yes, I know that sounds just like, "Please Miss, the dog ate my homework!". But it really is true).

If you're reading this from outside the UK, then please know that everything you've ever heard about Brits and the weather is also true. Only more so. We really will talk about it thrice daily...and drop everything to chase a few minutes of sun.

Summer 2011 had not lived up to its early promises. The long, dark nights loomed. Then, out of nowhere, came a handful of days that broke records for September. And then for October.

The photos on these pages were just snapped with the phone, and will look better after some digital magic. But just for now, they record afternoons of golden light. Days when small surprises were as wonderous as the weather.

Who knew my husband of almost 10 years could row? (And how had anyone "hidden" a boating lake, just two miles from our urban home, for all these years?)

The sudden delight of an Indian summer isn't just about the weather though. It's also like an affirmation from Nature.

"Don't worry about what's gone before," the light whispers. "Just know that it's never too late for things to improve...And life always gives you a second chance".