Announcing...Funny Greeting Cards from CartoonsbyClare

At last (and after lots of people asking me when I'm going to do this) a selection of what I hope are my funniest cartoons are available to buy as greeting cards for U.S. buyers here, and for UK buyers here.

Some you'll recognise, some have had updates, and as I'm adding them all the time, some may be completely new to you.

In case you're wondering, this doesn't affect BoundingSquirrel as a place for all sorts of digital art projects.

It's just that if people (maybe you!) have asked for something, (in this case cartoon cards) it makes sense to provide it. And CartoonsbyClare just helps to make them stand out a bit more.

So please grab a card (or 10, or 20...). And let me know what you think, and which designs or cartoons you'd like to see next.

Selection of funny greeting cards

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