New Dolphin Cartoon, & An Update

First some pure fun inspired by a few days away. There were dolphin-trips a-plenty, so I began wondering what things looked like from the dolphins' point of view... What if, (like the old Zen riddle about trees in forests needing someone's ears to hear them fall) dolphins only leap when humans are watching...

And now, the update

If you've been reading this blog for ages (and if you have-thank you so much) then you might remember that last year, I illustrated Leonie Abrahamson's e-book, "Preparing for Your Early Years Teachers Training: The Early Years Teacher's Toolkit.

Well, there's now a second edition and though much is updated and there's a new cover, she's kept my illustrations. Thanks Leonie!

So now that A level results are out and the new uni year is just around the corner, if you or anyone you know is off to do early years teacher training of any kind, please point 'em in this direction:

(If you click to buy from here, I get a small commission. But really, buying anything of Leonie's from anywhere will help you if you, as she's lovely, and a really experienced teacher).

That's about all for now, but more soon. And if you like the cartoon, remember it's fine to share it on social media, as long as you link back too.

It's good to be back. Thanks so much for being here, and more soon!

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