Football (Soccer!) Cartoon

I never had any intention to publish this cartoon anywhere. It was for my Dad's birthday. (For anyone outside the UK reading this, he supports a football/soccer team that just won big, even though the odds of them doing so were reckoned to be 5000 to 1 at the beginning of the season. They have never done so before. He has supported them for decades. So I drew this and thought that was that. (If you're reading this, Dad, hope you enjoyed watching them get presented with the cup).

Then a friend mentioned her own connections to the city on Facebook. So I ended up
posting it there, where it got shared. And so it now seems only logical to post it here too.

Hope you can relate to this if you, or anyone you know well, is any kind of sports fan, and feel free to share this if you'd like, and enjoy...

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